Domain: is a tool that is used to help maintaining correct attributes values by constraining user input values for a specific attribute. Domains will prevent user from entering incorrect values and allows only the correct values defined by the administrator of the geodatabase.

Domains help in situations where we are not sure that the user will enter the correct data.


Imagine that you want to make a pipes layer, and you want the diameter to be one of list of pre-defined values; because water pipes have standard diameters and are not random.

The solution for this is to define a "coded-values" domain where you specify a list of values and the use will get a drop-down list from which he picks the right diameter.

Domain Types:

  • Coded-value
  • Range
Range: Allows administrator to set the maximum and minimum values and the actual value that the user inputs is between those values. This type is allowed only for numeric values.

Coded-Values: Allows for a set of pre-defined values to be selected from a drop-down list.

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